About Alkuraimi Bank About Alkuraimi Bank <p>Al-Kuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank (KIMB) is a for-profit Yemeni closed-shared Company providing financial services for all Yemenis' (Exchange, Transfer, FINANCE And Savings). The bank was established based on the Microfinance Law N.15 for the Year 2009, as a result of the transformation of Al- Kuraimi Exchange Company, which was serving customers with 78 branches using the latest technology.</p>

ِAbout the bank

About us In June 2010, KIB was licensed from Central Bank of Yemen(CBY). The main purpose is to reinforce the importance of playing a very active role in enhancing the country’s economic status in the field of savings and financing plus other financial services. The bank would accept all kinds of deposits and invest the deposits in so many fields in complete compliance with the Islamic Sharia'a. We have now more than 100 branch all over Yemen. Al Kuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank has a vision that all financial and banking services are accessible by each person in Yemen, in order to participate in the economic and social development and in raising the standard of living of the individual and community at large by means of offering diverse financial services.

The Bank is an economic fortress with accumulated banking experience of more than forty years offering its services to all people in all governorates, towns and rular and urban districts, so much so that our services have covered extensive areas all the way from Socotra southerly to Saada northerly and from Al Mahara governorate westerly to Bab El Mandab Straits easterly. 

We offer our financial and banking services with skill and professionalism without any narrow minded affiliation. We serve people and dedicate our relentless efforts to be of use and benefit to him/her. Despite the difficult circumstances the country is facing, we have trained our human cadres and developed and equipped our branches and offices with up to date technologies and equipments, in order to keep abreast of the best international practices in the field of banking and financial services.

Al Kuraimi Bank is right beside you in times of prosperity as well as hardship, in the mountains, valleys, deserts, coastal areas and islands. Our aim is to offer a service of quality with high efficiency and effectiveness. We abide by and practice the values we have been brought up to respect as represented by compliance and obedience, honesty, clarity, transparency, philanthropy, social responsibility and wishing others welfare and well being, despite all difficult circumstances the country is passing through,.

We do not look backwards. We do not listen to those who call for destruction. We move, advance, improve and look forward to the future with hope and optimism, because our aim is noble which is serving people everywhere and every time to be right beside you.

نبذة عن المصرف

Our Mission

our purpose is to contribute to the economical and social development and to the improvement of the standard of living of the Yemeni society. We will do that through expanding the provision of our high quality diversified financial services to include savings and financing of small and microenterprises according to the Islamic sharia’a law while continuing to occupy a pioneering position in the banking sector. We intend to combine professional mechanisms which cost efficient and provide good return to investors and depositors with exemplary customer services  .

Vision Statement

KIB envisions that: “All financial services are accessible by each person in Yemen"



  • 1- To develop and improve high quality and cost efficient financial services which suit the needs of all the clients thru improving the money exchange and money transfer services and the development of savings and financing of small and microenterprises according to the Islamic Sharia’a law.


  • 2-To increase our market share for all the provided financial services and to get closer to our clients by enhancing and widening our outreach in urban and rural area thru widening our network of branches and agents (service points) and the development and the update of our electronic services.


  • 3-To continue to occupy a pioneering position in the banking and financial services sector thru developing a highly qualified and distinguished cadres and utilizing effective and modern systems in order to generate a good return for investors.

Values and Operational Principles

Allah said: (and say (O Muhammed PBUH) ‘’ Do deeds! Allah will see your deeds, and (so will) His Messenger\ and the believers. …..) At- Taubah 105 (The Repentance). Peace be Upon Him said: ‘’ if the final hour comes while you have a palm- cutting in your hands and it is possible to plant it before the hour comes, you should plant it. Instinctively, the human is focused on self-love and likes to be in control of everything around him/her. In the absence of religion and morals, s/he turned into a monster. So, religion and morals are the determinants of his/her behavior and attitudes. We in KIB base our value system in our Islamic religion and the morality which goes with the nature of the human being. As employees of KIB , we must understand these values and practice them in our daily duties in the bank:

Compliance and obedience Honesty Respectfulness Clarity and transparency Philanthropy Social responsibility
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As Alkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank, we dedicate our efforts in (2016- 2020)  to increase customer's trust and reputation of KIB as well as market share through adding new financial services, widening/expanding our outreach and building a well-developed, modern bank.


We  will improve our banking and financial services in compliance with the Islamic Sharia

And provide high quality and efficient services that respond to the needs of our clients on one hand, and which provides the investors and depositors with a high return on their money and preserve the interest of all the stakeholders on the other hand even in difficult conditions


We will enhance our pioneering role and our positioning and reinforce our competitive capacities benefiting from our expanding network of branches and agents across Yemen and the development of our electronic services and marketing strategies to ensure better outreach to our clients in the urban and rural areas, and increase our market share.


We will maintain our carefully selected cadres, continue to build, develop and motivate their capabilities to ensure their abilities to shape and execute the bank’s strategy. We will develop new and effective operational, financial, administrative and technical policies and procedures manuals capable of providing the required information for decision-making and improved performance benefiting from the Yemeni, regional and international experiences in microfinance good practices.


We will also work to spread and reinforce the culture of financial and banking services and make it easier for people to access into these services to reach 2,000,000 clients  by the end of 2020. We will do this in collaboration with the Social Fund for Development and partners, and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Yemen.

  • .Mr. Abdullah Abdu Mohammed Al- Kuraimi Chairman of the Board
  • .Mr. Yousuf Abdu Mohammed Al- Kuraimi Vice president
  • .Mr. Mohammed Abdu Mohammed Al- Kuraimi  member
  • .Mr. Radhwan Abdullah Abdu Al- Kuraimi member
  • Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Abdu Al- Kuraimi member

Shariah Supervisory Board of the Bank

 Dr. Lotf bin Mohammed ALsoraih Dr. Mohammed Sinan Seif al-Galal

External Auditor

Chartered accountant